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NORAKDATA (ND) is an independent, full service software localization and translation company providing customized multilingual solutions. We provide turnkey solutions and expertise to not only the large well-established multinational corporations but also to the fast-paced emerging market startups entering the global marketplace.

ND has its corporate headquarters in Madrid, Spain with offices in Germany, and a strong network of well-tested strategic partners worldwide.

Our strategy is controlled growth that is in step with the industries we service. With careful management and sound financial planning we have created a dependable service company that is continuously evolving and growing in response to the markets and industries we serve.

With professional advice and customized development, the modern server-based e-solutions and their international localization will be performed at the highest technical level in areas such as e-travel, e-commerce, e-mobility, IT outsourcing, e-cloud and others.

These solutions meet all requirements in the value chain by capitalizing on synergy and focusing on enhancing business competitiveness

Our core client-base consists of professionals and experts in their respective fields, thus material to be localized/translated is often of a sensitive and critical nature. Over the years, we have developed and built a reputation for excellence in linguistic and technical quality across vertical markets. We maintain this high quality by being consistent and rigorous in the continual testing and careful selection of the linguistic and technical resources and professional experts we use on any given project.

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